[thesite] deo bookmarklet

Simon Coggins ppxsjc1 at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu Dec 6 04:43:25 CST 2001

> At 06:23 AM 12/6/2001, Simon Coggins typed these words:
> >Nice one! I was thinking of doing something like this a while ago but
> >never got round to it. Stupid really 'cause it wouldn't have taken too
> >long. I'll take your version and wrap the deo skin round it and link it
> >from the main deo site tomorrow.
> Ah, progress. Gotta love the smell of it :)

Okay, it's all done I think. Check it out at:


I've removed the name and email validation from the form because I didn't
want to force people to give away their information if they didn't want
to. I have replaced it with some validation that checks they haven't
included quotes in either field though (this would mess up the

Feedback and suggestions welcome.


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