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Mon Dec 10 11:36:38 CST 2001


> From: Simon Coggins
> > that's a non-issue.  we would only allow css when it's
> > necessary for an article example -- simon's article
> > being a perfect example.  we wouldn't allow styling of
> > elements outside of the actual example.
> It's still an issue in that a little more work is
> required by admin to check that articles don't override
> the default CSS. [...]

only for the few articles that actually need to use additional css.  all
others it's business as usual.

> > in contrast, i don't think we can continue without
> > this now that we have a solution to a problem that's
> > been pretty significant in the past.
> Can you give some examples of when this has come up
> before?

take a look at any of the recent articles on css techniques.  as far as i
can tell they all could have benefited from this.

> > having the example in the article is *always*
> > preferable to being offsite for the purposes of
> > guaranteeing the example is always available and
> > doesn't disappear due to linkrot.
> This is why I suggested it in the first place. I think
> it's much better to have the article and example in one
> place, to prevent linkrot and so the visitor doesn't
> have their attention disrupted by having to go offsite.
> Unfortunately in my article this solution still wouldn't
> have really prevented this because I would have still
> needed to have put the .css file somewhere else. I
> couldn't have used inline styles because the @import
> syntax was important for hiding the styles from NN4.
> Short of creating some sort of examples directory (where
> authors could upload examples/css files before
> submitting their articles) I can't see a quick fix for
> this. I guess we have to ask is it worth going that far
> for the occasional special case.

additional benefit -- articles have a better chance of validating as the
pieces that more appropriately belong in the head can be placed in the head.

the work for this feature is *very* light.  even if it's only used for an
occasional special case then i think it's still worth it.

in the case where the author is linking to external media (images,
stylesheets, javascript files) we can help take care of those few instances
on a case-by-case basis until i can write the piece that will allow authors
to upload/maintain it themselves.



jeff at members.evolt.org

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