[thesite] Graphics Guru - Icon Making Fun ;)

javier velasco (mantruc) lists at mantruc.com
Thu Dec 20 15:36:21 CST 2001

here you go, let me know your thoughts

legend: tips to page relation

a) one to many
b) all i one

Michele Foster wrote:

> Hey folks,
> Does anyone want to create an Icon or symbol that can be used on this page:
> http://lists.evolt.org/index.cfm/a/harvest
> If you notice there are two versions of the tip harvester displayed for each
> week.  One in the new format (archived list), one in the old format
> ([digest] - contains the entire week on one page).
> Any samples that will help with intuitiveness, usability and making the page
> look less cluttered .... ??
> Thanks,
> Mich/Dean
> (Sent under a different header to grab the attention of our graphics gurus
> on this list .. original thread here:
> http://lists.evolt.org/thesitearchive/2001-December/1564803.html)

it kind of worked (not that i'm a guru though)

Javier Velasco
Information Architect

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