[thesite] need another template..

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Wed Feb 28 12:39:40 CST 2001

>... get the emails into a database first and foremost, then we
> can run the tip parser against the emails table, and associate
> the tips with their original message, thread, author, etc.. that way..
> Kinda helps to tie everything together.  :)


> Is it doable using the CONTENT table?

yes, eventually

the thing is, in the CONTENT table, we have the natural structure which
allows tips to be tied to categories and to the tip author (USERS)

and of course we do want tips to be searchable, and in my opinion, we
should have an option on the search form which allows you to specify
      [] articles  [] tips  [] both

however, like i said, this has to be approached in a planned way, so as not
to upset any of the existing pages which (right now) don't have any filters
to select articles, they just assume everything in CONTENT is an article

so it looks like we need (1) a "landing" table for storing list posts, and
(2) a parsed-tips table

when the tip parser has been fully developed/debugged, we can then write
the queries to extract tips from their table and insert them into CONTENT

by the way, this is the normal practice in datawarehousing -- ETL (extract,
transform, load)

it isn't always done by loading data directly into tables, but the
advantage of using tables is that you can use sql, including judicious
use of NVL, CASE, WHERE, UNION, etc.

matching tip authors to USERS should be an interesting exercise   ;o)


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