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javier velasco javier at msm.cl
Wed Jan 3 08:47:08 CST 2001

Marlene Bruce wrote:

> > more germane is, do we want to re-assign any existing articles to these
> > new
> > centres?  would this break the new sexy swinging bookmarks, assuming there
> > are some already?  note that the category is part of the new url...
> >
> I thought we were going to eventually make it possible to assign articles to
> more than one category at a time. How would such a thing work? Can it work
> now?

i was just considering doing that, putting an article in multiple centers,
then i thought it could be counter-producing, or confusing (bad usability)

on the other side, i agree with marlene, dunno
more opinions?

> In the meantime, could we put up redirects for moved articles? It would be
> great to have several articles in such a section, and moving articles seems
> to be the most expedient way to accomplish this.



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