[thesite] Usability / Architecture Center

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Jan 3 08:55:08 CST 2001

javier velasco wrote:

> rudy wrote:
>> more germane is, do we want to re-assign any existing articles to these new
>> centres?  would this break the new sexy swinging bookmarks, assuming there
>> are some already?  note that the category is part of the new url...
> http://evolt.org/article/The_Tao_of_Testing/20/4142/evolt.org
> i'm not seeing the caregory in the url
> am i missign something, is it the "20"?


> i suppose it would be a real pain to change all the
> urls for those articles, right?

not really, you'd just have to update the categoryid(the number up 
there) for each article that you'd like to change..

i'm all for the new center, i think someone should write up an intro to 
it first to bring some attention to it..

trying to find the time..


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