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javier velasco javier at msm.cl
Wed Jan 3 09:45:08 CST 2001

"Daniel J. Cody" wrote:

> > http://evolt.org/article/The_Tao_of_Testing/20/4142/evolt.org
> >
> > i'm not seeing the caregory in the url
> >
> > am i missign something, is it the "20"?
> yup..

oh, im' learning ;-)

> > i suppose it would be a real pain to change all the
> > urls for those articles, right?
> not really, you'd just have to update the categoryid(the number up
> there) for each article that you'd like to change..

k, i'll try to steal more time today to write down a list of realted articles

> i'm all for the new center, i think someone should write up an intro to
> it first to bring some attention to it..

done, i just submitted "breadcrumbs for usability"
is that alright? or are you considering an official
opening article, inviting the IA/usability community to
join our ranks?

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