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At 16:00 03/01/01, Marlene Bruce wrote:
> > ~ what does it really mean that an article is in more than one category?
> > would a site visitor be confused by seeing the same article listed in the
> > Code and the Backend categories?
> >
>An article in more than one category means it has significant relevance to
>both topics. A site visitor *might* become confused, but I think the
>improved categorization and exposure of the article outweighs such a
>possibility. Dissenting opinions?

I don't think so - I don't even think that most people would notice, and
the few who do won't lose sleep over it.

>Perhaps we could include a line at the end of the synopsis which states,
>"This article also appears in [other category]."

That's drawing attention to it, which we don't need to do. To be honest,
I'm not sure that people pay that much attention to categories anyway -
we don't have a strongly hierarchical site anyway.

It feels to me very much like a database search: "Here are a bunch
of articles about Code", rather than "The only way I can find out
anything about Code is to go to the Code topic".

Now if we dropped the home page listing, and made each section
a drilldown (Code->Database->CF [etc]), that would be different -
we'd need a breadcrumb trail to support it *grin*


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