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Wed Jan 3 19:29:08 CST 2001


: From: martin burns
: I've just been looking at Pedrito's comment to
: the PHP breadcrumb article:
: http://evolt.org/article/view/17/4455/evolt.org#comment4470
: Originally, this was just bound up in <pre> tags, but for
: some reason, it has lost its line breaks.
: I've thrown it into a textarea with the same attributes as the
: main one, which has cured the bigass horizontal scroll, but
: still no line breaks.

no offense, but please don't edit others comments unless you absolutely have
to.  and please do not insert code into textareas on your own.  i haven't
had opportunity to convert <pre> tags to <textarea> tags, but i will.

: I've taken it through just about every text editor I have,
: and they're all showing line breaks where they should
: be, but it doesn't come through to thesite.

fwiw, i see no line breaks in it at all.  they're being lost somewhere along
the way.

: Suggestion:
: Can we have comments also swapping in
: <textarea>s for <pre> tags

working on it, but loaded down with tons to do at work as well.  not sure
when i can get to it, but rest assured that i will.

: Question:
: What's screwing things up here, and can we
: fix it please?

um, dunno - and no.



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