[thesite] index.html vs index.cfm vs evolt.org

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Jan 4 17:07:09 CST 2001

i know theres been some talk about the pseudo file name we're using on 
all our pages(currently foo/blah/evolt.org), can i suggest either we 
change this right *now* or leave it forever?

if we're thinking about changing, there are people out there right now 
who are linking to us using the evolt.org filename.

i know that we can change it at any time, and it will still work, but 
its serioulsy confusing people me thinks.

i had two co-workers who are both web and CF savvy bitch about links on 
our site not working(it got linked to from somewhere else without the 
file extension).. and then argue with eachother about which extension 
should go on the end. its not getting my ass in gear here because it was 
people i work with either. i can just see this happening with X^2 of 
other people as well. if we make it to fucked up to use, no one is going 
to use it anymore.

although we can think of foo/blah/evolt.org and foo/blah/index.cfm as 
the same page and think it doesn't matter, we cant and shouldnt assume 
that everyeone else thinks the same.

at any rate, i could go on about this for a couple more hours, but 
hopefully i dont have too..



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