[thesite] index.html vs index.cfm vs evolt.org

Jacob Stetser lists at icongarden.com
Thu Jan 4 17:54:09 CST 2001

I think we really should change it. It might have seemed cool to end 
in evolt.org, but I'd much rather see something like an ending / (no 
file name) or index.cfm or index.htm.

I've developed systems where the name of the article (up to a point) 
is encoded in the filename (i.e., 
/mysite/bigcoolstuff/1A/23/this_is_about_pet_dogs_and_ca.html) -- the 
file name doesn't really matter in that scheme (1A/23 = actual 
pertinent information) but the search engines eat it up.

Guess I put in my cents too late for the SSURL scheme, but I would 
like to see something a little more mundane.

>i know theres been some talk about the pseudo file name we're using 
>on all our pages(currently foo/blah/evolt.org), can i suggest either 
>we change this right *now* or leave it forever?
>if we're thinking about changing, there are people out there right 
>now who are linking to us using the evolt.org filename.
>i know that we can change it at any time, and it will still work, 
>but its serioulsy confusing people me thinks.
>i had two co-workers who are both web and CF savvy bitch about links 
>on our site not working(it got linked to from somewhere else without 
>the file extension).. and then argue with eachother about which 
>extension should go on the end. its not getting my ass in gear here 
>because it was people i work with either. i can just see this 
>happening with X^2 of other people as well. if we make it to fucked 
>up to use, no one is going to use it anymore.
>although we can think of foo/blah/evolt.org and foo/blah/index.cfm 
>as the same page and think it doesn't matter, we cant and shouldnt 
>assume that everyeone else thinks the same.
>at any rate, i could go on about this for a couple more hours, but 
>hopefully i dont have too..
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