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Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Mon Jan 15 17:26:31 CST 2001

Hey Dan,

>just remember that the .mbox is
> around 250Mb

I'm not man enough to try copying and deleting that .mbox file every time
the action template runs.. :)

> and ya, build the switch in too... the .mbox you see is only since last
> summer when i moved the lists to oracular.. everything prior to that -
> about a year -  is in a different .mbox file :)

I was talking about making a copy of the cf file, but you're right, that
would be lazy, and it's not much more work to do it "right".

I'll make the .mbox file location a variable as well..  Who knows, in the
future maybe I'll make the destination type & location atributes too..  That
would be sweeeet..  convertto="XML" destination="thelist.xml"... Heh..

I'll put the changed file up and notify you when it's done, this afternoon.


Seth Bienek
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