[thesite] alternative styles

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Tue Jan 16 18:27:31 CST 2001

>we were discussing the look and feel of the other 
>two sites(OTS), browsers.evolt.org and lists.evolt.org.. dave and elfure 
>and iSac all mentioned some different styles, colors whatever we could 
>use for the OTS.. i was just wondering if
>a.)iSac, you could hammer down what colors you think would look cool to 
>compliment the OTS.

That would be really, really cool. iSac, if you can just spec some colors
for each of those sites as equivs to the main site, we can get the
stylesheets worked out pretty easily.

>b.)elfur and dave, if you guys could whip up a style sheet based on what 
>iSac(or yourselves!) think would work.

I'd happily take some suggestions on colors for lists.evolt.org.

I believe that what we were talking about was reddish for lists. and
blue-ish for browsers. (to complement the greenish of www.)

aardvark...were you working on redoing the design for browsers.? I got some
preliminary stuff done for lists., and can get back on it this evening or
tomorrow. (We just had a planning meeting at work...eeeeeeeesh...gotta a
couple of long months coming up.)


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