[thesite] alternative styles

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Tue Jan 16 18:57:34 CST 2001

>just for the record, i'm re-raising concerns about custom colors 
>given the user's ability (eventually) set up custom styles... if these 
>3 colors would be the default, allowing a custom stylesheet to take 
>precedence, then i have no concerns here...

That's been my understanding from the git-go. The way it's written now, the
default unless the user is pegged at login as having set up a custom style
sheet. When thesite reloads with the login info, the new style sheet is

Jeff? Do I have that right?

>use the existing style sheets... btw, didn't mccreath update the 
>CSS so the <h4> - <h6> were all the same size, or something?  
>cuz they still look small in the comments...

Right. We'll use the existing style sheet and just change the colors. And I
did do some last-minute tweaking on the CSS just before I split in Dec. I
can't remember specifically what I did to <h4> - <h6>... I'll have to look
when I get home.

>> aardvark...were you working on redoing the design for browsers.? 
>um, i thought i handed that off to someone after i coded it up 
>forever ago... anyone?  otherwise i'll have to check my shoddy 
>email archives when i get home...

Maybe it was Dan. Dan? Did you play with re-doing the browsers. main page? I
know somebody was doing it...

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