[thesite] lists colors, too

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Thu Jan 18 01:12:31 CST 2001

> colors is just a red bg... otherwise it's all greys... what happened to
> swapping the hex values for the red and the green from the existing
> colors?  kinda like switching the green for the blue for the browser
> archive...

Well, I'll give it a shot, but the problem is that when you start getting
into the same light red values for .main, .pageTitle1, and .pageTitle2,
everything starts getting pink and not working out very well. Isaac
suggested using the gray/silver scheme in the box. If it's too gray, I can
lighten it up some.

> and i'll refrain from commenting on how the black-tab-navbar-thingie
> should be sacrosanct and should either have the select menu or
> nothing at all... but i'll leave that alone...

Oh, I was just goofing around with that. I did that way back right after the
2.0 launch and I wasn't sure what was planned for that header. It's all
fixed now.

More later.

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