[thesite] alternative styles

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Thu Jan 18 01:17:31 CST 2001

> i like.  looks really good.

Well, I just looked at it on my machine at home and it's freakin purple. Hm.
Othe people? I still like it, but it's *purple* on this machine. Might need
some more tweaking.

> the nice thing about the architecture we're
> using is that all we have to code is the act_ & dsp_ files for the content
> area.  everything else can use the existing templates (dsp_header,
> dsp_footer, dsp_sidebar, etc.).  then just point to a different stylesheet
> and it's all good.

It is cool. Pretty easy to figure out once you start playing with it, too.
Are we going to set up lists.e and browsers.e like that?

> anything else?



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