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jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Thu Jan 18 01:35:31 CST 2001


: From: mccreath
: > i like.  looks really good.
: Well, I just looked at it on my machine at home
: and it's freakin purple. Hm.  Othe people? I still
: like it, but it's *purple* on this machine. Might
: need some more tweaking.

yeah, it's purple on my machine too.  still looks good.  i came up with a
nice blue when i was playing with the combinations you can make with the
current rgb triplet for the background.  can't remember what it was now

: > the nice thing about the architecture we're
: > using is that all we have to code is the act_
: > & dsp_ files for the content area.  everything
: > else can use the existing templates (dsp_header,
: > dsp_footer, dsp_sidebar, etc.).  then just point
: > to a different stylesheet and it's all good.
: It is cool. Pretty easy to figure out once you
: start playing with it, too.  Are we going to set
: up lists.e and browsers.e like that?

yes, of course.  browsers is already on the same box (just a different
folder) as the main site.  all we gotta do is adjust it's location a bit and
it's ready to go.

i'm not sure what bringing lists into this will entail though.  if we can
get it moved without a problem then it'll be easy.  if not, there'll be
additional maintenance overhead when updating things that affect the
external template.



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