[thesite] RE: [Admin] alternate color schemes

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Sat Jan 20 20:55:36 CST 2001

> >Here's a few more ideas for browsers.evolt and lists.evolt, and a few
> >from rearranging the rgb triplet.
> >
> >http://home.gci.net/~mccreath/evolt/
> dude, they look delicious.

Thanks. Mostly going on advice from aardvark and isaac.

> can we have an option in the user-defined styles thing to have a bunch of
> favourite themes, one of which gets randomly selected at session
> start?  otherwise i'm going to be forever switching mine.

That's an interesting idea, but the way I understand it, it would only work
after logging in. Right now, the site loads with the default and doesn't
switch to a custom style until the post-log-in reload.

Jeff? Other cf'ers?


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