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jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Sat Jan 20 22:47:31 CST 2001


: From: rudy
: so all we need is another column
:    FAV   NUMBER(1)
: then upon login, the query just chooses
: the user's scheme for the session by picking
: one at random from all the ones where FAV=1
: that way, if i have one that i consistently
: want to see, i would only have one marked as
: a favourite (cool, eh?)

makes perfect sense to me . . . with one exception.

that would be fantastic if i'm the author of all my favorite schemes.  how
do you propose that i, as a user, could select on of isaac's schemes as my

: i leave it as an exercise for you Usability students
: to decide how to arrange things so that something
: intelligent happens if a user defines a bunch of
: schemes but designates them all with FAV=0

one must select at least one favorite.

: > rudy, wanna take a look at the necessary
: > changes to the architecture to support\
: > this idea?  i certainly think it's worth
: > the extra effort.
: no problem, i just did   ;o)

you were close (unless i totally misunderstood something).

: however, we are currently showing a static
: html home page, nicht wahr?

nope.  it's dynamic and has been since the move to v2.0.



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