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jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Sat Jan 20 23:05:31 CST 2001


: From: rudy
: > slidey things?  i'm assuming you're
: > talking about for choosing colors or
: > something
: exactamundo
: we have a few elements that need colour values
: -- page background, table cell background, right
: side nav bar background, font colours, etc.
: we need a user-friendly way to let the user pick
: a colour for each of these elements
: i thought "slidey" controls would be the best --
: similar to the one used in netscape's color picker

i am familiar with netscape's color picker.  it works well for those that
are familiar with how colors work.  however, for those that aren't, i think
that a bunch of blocks of color that they can pick from might be more

: we'd need one control for each scheme element that
: uses an rgb code -- how many colour elements do we
: gots, anyway?
: on second thought, maybe we need just one slidey
: control, with a dropdown that is populated from
: the ELEMENT table, selecting all the elements that
: can take a colour value, and then let the user use
: the slidey control to tweak elements one at a time
: -- does this make sense?

or, better yet, open up the display properties on your computer.  flip over
to the appearances tab.  play around with that for a bit.  i think that's
probably had alot of usability testing behind it.  why not just emulate it?

ultimately this is going to depend alot on who ends up building the tool.  i
can build one quite easily for ie/win users.  i'm not at all excited about
the prospect of supporting nn4 users in the slightest.  i'm not sure what to
think about nn6 at this point.  on top of that, i simply don't have time to
build an app of this magnitude at this time.  i'm hoping that someone with
dhtml experience would want to step up and build it (fingers crossed).



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