[thesite] alternate color schemes

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sat Jan 20 23:08:31 CST 2001

> If the query doesn't find a FAV=1, then it loads the first
> SCHEMEID in the user's column, would be my vote.
> Don't ask me to write the query, tho'. :)

may i point out that in a database there is no "first" unless you order by
something....  it could order by schemeid, which is a sequence field, so it
would get the first one (historically) that the user defined, which is fair
enough if he doesn't want to designate any of them as a favourite...

> ...  randomly changing the color scheme of the
> primary site would be disorienting. Does that make sense?

well, yes, except it would only change across sessions, you'd have to log
out and log back in...

> one must select at least one favorite.

well, sure, except the page logic has to be prepared to handle the case if
you didn't do that -- if the query to pick one of your favourites comes up
empty, the page could then pick either one of yours at random (or the first
one), or else pick one of the defaults at random...

> how do you propose that i, as a user, could select on of
> isaac's schemes as my favorite?

two ways, an easy way and a hard way -- but for both, we first need a
"browse other users' schemes" function which allows you to view isaac's
schemes and press a button to select one  of them as one that you want to

you could stop right there (with no further functions) and simply load
those values into the variables to be used throughout your session -- but
to use this scheme again on a future session, you'd have to go view isaac's
again and select it again

to go on, though, and save your choice, there's an easy way and a hard
way -- the easy way is to copy the rows from isaac's and store them as
yours, while the hard way is to have another database table (or tables --
this would be a many-to-many relationship) that lets you "point" to isaac's

i'd much prefer the easy way, because once the rows are copied over to
yours, you could then go in and tweak them, including marking it as one of
your favourites

does this make sense?


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