[thesite] date format on thesite

Oliver Lineham oliver at lineham.co.nz
Sat Jan 20 23:32:31 CST 2001

At 20:04 20/01/2001 -0800, you wrote:

>however, you're going to make me spoil a surprise i had planned for a point
>release of the new site which will address this completely.  i've already
>got the foundation in place in the cf, i just need to add the necessary
>tables and fk columns to the users table and do some additional work to the
>"edit account" page.  once this has been done then a user can not only
>select their preferred date format, but also their preferred time format.
>then, the entire site's dates and times will be displayed with their
>preference, provided they're logged in.

ah, dang, this came in just after i hit send on the reply to rudy.

it's sunday. i'm off to wash my mousepad.


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