[thesite] alternate color schemes

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Sun Jan 21 00:03:31 CST 2001

> may i point out that in a database there is no "first" unless you order by
> something....

True. I guess I still think of tables as being spreadsheets, so there would
always be a first row. But of course in SQL there isn't. Abstraction. Live
it, love it.

> it could order by schemeid, which is a sequence field, so it
> would get the first one (historically) that the user defined,
> which is fair
> enough if he doesn't want to designate any of them as a favourite...

That's kinda where I was going.

> > ...  randomly changing the color scheme of the
> > primary site would be disorienting. Does that make sense?
> well, yes, except it would only change across sessions, you'd have to log
> out and log back in...

Oh, I see what you're saying. I thought you meant randomly serve up a
different color scheme everytime *anybody* (including non-registered users)
hit the site.

I would still prefer to leave the default as is, and make people physically
choose a new style.

> > how do you propose that i, as a user, could select on of
> > isaac's schemes as my favorite?
> two ways, an easy way and a hard way -- but for both, we first need a
> "browse other users' schemes" function which allows you to view isaac's
> schemes and press a button to select one  of them as one that you want to
> use

that would be cool.

> to use this scheme again on a future session, you'd have to go
> view isaac's again and select it again

that wouldn't

> to go on, though, and save your choice, there's an easy way and a hard
> way -- the easy way is to copy the rows from isaac's and store them as
> yours, while the hard way is to have another database table (or tables --
> this would be a many-to-many relationship) that lets you "point"
> to isaac's
> i'd much prefer the easy way, because once the rows are copied over to
> yours, you could then go in and tweak them, including marking it as one of
> your favourites

like it. like it a *lot*.

> does this make sense?

Does to me, but I think databases have first rows, too. ;p

Seriously, I think that would be really cool.


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