[thesite] alternate color schemes

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sun Jan 21 11:16:31 CST 2001

sorry i bailed on that conversation last night jeff, i was pooped and had
to get some sleep

gettin' old, ya know...


> ... at least one of the schemes is selected as a favorite
> no matter what.  this should be handled by the tool that
> facilitates the user's interaction with schemes and
> adding/editing/deleting favorites.


> the easy way would generate *tons* of data rather
> quickly if this system gets used as much as i think
> it'll get used.

agree in principle, but it's no worse than the ratings records

what will we have more of, ratings or schemes?

no, don't answer that....

> it also is akin to plagiarizing another user's hardwork.

they could protect it with a high enough PRIV

which reminds me, any query that does privilege checking should use an OR
condition on the user himself -- i.e. where the viewer's privilege is equal
to or higher than the item's priv code, OR the viewer is the owner of the

that way i can set something as PRIV=4 (only evolt god admins can see) and
yet still see it myself

>pk   id        numeric(8) NOT NULL
>fk   userid    numeric(8) NOT NULL
>fk   schemeid  numeric(8) NOT NULL
>it's super easy to enforce a favorite now.  if they don't pick any then we
>insert the schemeid of the default evolt scheme as their favorite.


that rocks

let's give it a bit more thought, though, because we also have the foreign
key from scheme to user (i.e. the "owner" of the scheme)

the question is, do we need a FAV column in the scheme table, or will this
table do the trick

gotta go play football in the snow now

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