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martin burns martin at members.evolt.org
Sun Jan 21 12:10:35 CST 2001

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At 03:41 21/01/01, rudy wrote:
>two ways, an easy way and a hard way -- but for both, we first need a
>"browse other users' schemes" function which allows you to view isaac's
>schemes and press a button to select one  of them as one that you want to
>you could stop right there (with no further functions) and simply load
>those values into the variables to be used throughout your session -- but
>to use this scheme again on a future session, you'd have to go view isaac's
>again and select it again
>to go on, though, and save your choice, there's an easy way and a hard
>way -- the easy way is to copy the rows from isaac's and store them as
>yours, while the hard way is to have another database table (or tables --
>this would be a many-to-many relationship) that lets you "point" to isaac's
>i'd much prefer the easy way, because once the rows are copied over to
>yours, you could then go in and tweak them, including marking it as one of
>your favourites

Surely once they're in variables, you can/should just save them as one of your
own schemes? Then if Isaac throws a wobbly and decides to have pictures
of Dave Winer as his background image, it won't kill your scheme.

Can I also suggest (and it may be a crap suggestion) that when you view
a member's members' page, you should view it in *their* currently selected/
most recently used colour scheme?


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