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jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Sun Jan 21 16:52:35 CST 2001


: From: martin burns
: Surely once they're in variables, you
: can/should just save them as one of
: your own schemes? Then if Isaac throws
: a wobbly and decides to have pictures
: of Dave Winer as his background image,
: it won't kill your scheme.

theoretically yes, you could edit whatever scheme you're currently viewing.
however, to avoid that i'm inclined to only allowing editing those you own
and creating new ones as the only behaviors.  the reason for me being so
stuck on this is that i know how long it takes to come up with a color
scheme that works well.  we can't stop someone from downloading the
stylesheet to figure it out, but we can make it a point to not facilitate
the theft.

: Can I also suggest (and it may be a crap
: suggestion) that when you view a member's
: members' page, you should view it in *their*
: currently selected/most recently used colour
: scheme?

that's not a bad idea.  however, it'd be sorta difficult to implement.  we'd
have to unload the user's current stylesheet and load up the stylesheet
details of the user they're viewing.  then, on any subsequent page we'd have
to reverse the process (nigh on impossible if the user is using style's that
were defined that session and not saved as a scheme).  give me some time
though, there might be a way to do it.



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