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Jacob Stetser lists at icongarden.com
Sun Jan 21 19:18:31 CST 2001

>theoretically yes, you could edit whatever scheme you're currently viewing.
>however, to avoid that i'm inclined to only allowing editing those you own
>and creating new ones as the only behaviors.  the reason for me being so
>stuck on this is that i know how long it takes to come up with a color
>scheme that works well.  we can't stop someone from downloading the
>stylesheet to figure it out, but we can make it a point to not facilitate
>the theft.
I don't know where this concept of THEFT came in. It's a simple 
stylesheet for viewing evolt. If they want to steal it and use it on 
somebody else's site, they can do it easily. I guess you want credit 
for good color schemes, is that what this is driving at?  (Credit is 
a good thing, I'm not knocking it; just curious if that's the 
reasoning here..)

Me, for example, I might like one of yours, but want to change the 
font face and size to my liking and add a darker red here and a 
lighter one there. If I have to REPRODUCE that because you want to 
control every instance of my stylesheet, I probably won't bother or 
will look somewhere else.

On the other hand, if I can edit it, I'll probably use your theme and 
make my changes and be happy. Perhaps my style could not be 
'exportable' to others so they have to get yours and do their own 
tweaking. HOWEVER, I think the best, if credit is the problem, is if 
the theme gets the names added of all the people who worked on it 
(say jeff.howden, creator; jake stetser, tweaker, mork mindy, 
tweaker, .... etc)

if this is not about credit... I guess I don't understand. Why worry 
about sharing themes on a site based on designers and developers 
sharing information?

>that's not a bad idea.  however, it'd be sorta difficult to implement.  we'd
>have to unload the user's current stylesheet and load up the stylesheet
>details of the user they're viewing.  then, on any subsequent page we'd have
>to reverse the process (nigh on impossible if the user is using style's that
>were defined that session and not saved as a scheme).  give me some time
>though, there might be a way to do it.

I think it would be cool if everyone's public stylesheets were 
exported with their username, for example:

http://evolt.org/styles/jstetser.hell.css = my version of hell.

Or for simplicity, their current stylesheet only, at:


That might make showing somebody's page in their own current stylesheet easier.

Anyway, just throwing more wood on the fire. :)
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