[thesite] alternate color schemes

Hugh Blair hblair at bigfoot.com
Mon Jan 22 01:22:37 CST 2001

I know this is butting in, me not being an 'insider' of evolt, but I've been
following this thread with interest.  So here I go throwing in my HK$0.02 ---

1.  Allowing the user go totally customize their visiting experience is offering
a lot of "granularity in what can be tweaked."  Yet, it has a high "Whoopee"
value.  My guess is that few will take advantage of it.  Will they play with it,
learn from it, enjoy it?  Yep, if only for the "How'd they do that?" value.  And
isn't that one of the missions of Evolt?  Sharing the "How to..." with each

2.  I don't feel that a stylesheet has a large amount of "intellectual property"
value, but that's just my personal feelings.  I'd share any of mine with anyone
that asked.  Yet I allow for those that feel different.  If implemented, how
about placing a 1 bit/byte/character flag in the user's record, "Allow
stylesheet sharing: Y/N".  Link in a page that users can visit and see the
current settings by all those that wish to share their designs, pick one they
like, modify it (or not) and make it their own.  If "Bob" doesn't care to share
his settings, then no one (except admins of course) could see his setting.
Heck, there could even be a vote for the best settings.

3.  There's been some discussion about allowing the use a background image.  I'd
suggest that this option not be implemented.  Too messy.  It takes away from the
very clean look of the Evolt site.  Of course y'all could code so any background
image comes "off their own hard drive?  where no one can steal those nekkid
images of their girl/boy?"  Respectfully, I'd submit that this is the only way
it should be done - if at all.

4.  All this said, I'd still like the "Whoopee" value this feature would
provide.  I'd play with it.  I'd learn from it.  This is why I've joined Evolt;
the learning environment, the cool discussions.

Sorry, this turned in to HK$0.04.  Oh well,

hblair at bigfoot.com

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