[thesite] alternate color schemes

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon Jan 22 01:46:31 CST 2001

hi hugh

thanks for the feedback, we need more people that aren't "insiders" to
speak up

> ... how about placing a 1 bit/byte/character flag in the user's record,
> "Allow stylesheet sharing: Y/N".  ...  If "Bob" doesn't care to share
> his settings, then no one (except admins of course) could see his
> setting.

this is actually already part of the design, it's implemented not on the
user record but on each individual scheme (what you called "style")

the field is called PRIV (privilege or privacy, take your pick) and it can
take one of the following values --

  0 - public
  1 - user
  2 - member
  3 - admin
  4 - god

this is a generic column that is used for a lot of things besides schemes,
so not all of the values will make sense if applied to a scheme, but the
idea is, anything marked with a PRIV will be accessible only by persons of
that level or higher

one example:  articles are typically PRIV=0, so that they show up on the
site for everybody

if we store specially restricted articles in the database, for example
instructions for admins on how to edit and approve submissions, then
those special articles would have a PRIV of 3 so that only admins would
ever see them

the "default" style schemes we have been talking about would have a PRIV of

individual users' schemes might have other PRIV values, so you could
restrict yours to, say, only other evolt members

one final word regarding the distinction between a user and a member (this
keeps coming up so the explanation is worth repeating)

anybody can register as a user, without giving a name or anything, but a
member is somebody whom we know

any user can post articles (although all articles are reviewed before
approval, so it's unlikely we would approve something if all we had was a
username like fred3475 at hotmail.com)

however, you must be a member to store personal information -- the "member
pages" we have talked about here on this (thesite) list, which are yet to
be implemented


>Heck, there could even be a vote for the best settings.

yup, that's a good idea, we might implement that later...

thanks again for the feedback


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