[thesite] browsers.evolt updated look

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Mon Jan 22 16:26:41 CST 2001

>whats everyone think of http://browsers.evolt.org/new.cfm
>its the slate blue that david whipped up. 

Cool. Dan -- I noticed about the table structure of that page was a little
wonky when I was doing the mock-ups. Basically, just a couple of colspans
need to be moved so that the margins line up correctly -- the light blue box
that says "browsers" shouldn't overhang the stuff in the right hand column.

If I remember correctly, all that needs to be changed is any row where you
have a <td> defined as PageTitle1 followed by a <td> defined as PageTitle2.
It should look like this (leaving out extraneous stuff):

 <td class="PageTitle1">
 <td class="PageTitle2" colspan="2">

The colspan is currently on the <td>s defined as PageTitle1 and should be on

Look here for comparison:


>i think it would be cool if we could update our other sites within 
>two months of making the change, hence my impatience :)

Anal-retentive slavedriver. ;p 

See message to follow about lists.evolt

>jeff, when I include sidebar_dsp.cfm for the sidebar shit, it pukes with 
>something about not being able to find the session.user variable.

Which brings up lists.evolt.org. Is that server running CF? Have you guys
already figured out how we're going to include all thesite's functionality
on there?


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