[thesite] browsers.evolt updated look

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Mon Jan 22 17:22:31 CST 2001

>ok, i'll get that fixed. the funny thing is, i used to consider tables 
>one of my strong points back in like 95 - i suck now :)

Nah...they're just pesky little buggers. Especially when they're nested in
all that CF code

>took a nice mini-vacation this weekend and am pretty stoked to 
>get back in and work :)

Cool. Stoked is good.

>> Which brings up lists.evolt.org. Is that server running CF? Have you guys

>> already figured out how we're going to include all thesite's
>> on there?
>yes its running CF. but its a seperate physical box alltogether so we're 
>going to have problems trying to keep persistance between brosers/www 
>and lists . i dont know why we'd need it though on lists. its not like 
>you're logging into that site because there is some sort of feature that 
>you're going to be using.. this is why i never included the sidebar 
>stuff before, and don't see a need to now.

I tend to agree, but there was some talk this weekend about including the
sidebar on all three sites, hence its presence on my mock-up. 

Personally, I'm waffling on it. Last week, I thought all three sites should
have different sidebars, with different functionality in them. You don't
need to log in to browsers.evolt any more than you need to log in to
lists.evolt, and we could use that space for something else (I don't know
what...just something.)

The biggest problem that I have with including the sidebar on lists.evolt is
that search field. Are we going to rewire that to search thelist archives?
That seems counterintuitive, so no. But if the field is there, are people
going to *try* to search thelist archives? I think probably so.

See? Now I'm back to not including the sidebar on lists.evolt. Hmph.


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