[thesite] lists.evolt architecture

mccreath mccreath at ak.net
Tue Jan 23 23:31:31 CST 2001

Since we seem to have reached some sort of concensus on the colors for
lists.evolt, I'm going to recode the rest of the pages, so I need to know if
we're going to go to the same architecture that we're using on browsers and
www. If so, I'll need some help splitting it up into the various files.

Personally, my vote would be to convert lists to the new look without
re-architecting it at this point. It would mean no sidebar for time being,
but it would allow Jeff and Dan can get the sidebar working on browsers and
all I have to do is rework a buncha HTML, and we'd at least have all three
domains looking right. Right?

Then, when we've got all the browsers stuff worked out, we can figure out
what it'll take to tie a completely separate machine into the www.evolt
architecture for logging in and such.

Everybody cool with that?


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