[thesite] browsers.evolt updated look

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Wed Jan 24 20:20:31 CST 2001

jeff wrote:

> djc,

> 1)  sessions are carried between the sites

advantage being that if you logged on to w.e.o then visited to b.e.o you 
would still be logged in. the question then becomes, why would you want 
to be logged in on b.e.o ? what features does b.e.o have that would 
require one to be logged in?

> 2)  maintaining the layout of thesite and
>     the browser archive would be much
>     easier because they'd be using the same
>     templates for everything but the actual
>     content area.

> 3)  search engines could index the entire
>     archive making it more visible to the
>     rest of the internet.

they already are indexing it.. how is merging it under the main site 
going to make it more visible?

> problemo.  to tell you the truth i don't think it'll take more than 30
> minutes total to get it working.

I totally believe that you could do it no problem, one thing about this 
all is though that it isn't really a priority like, say fixing the 
member features, stylesheets, etc are..


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