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jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Wed Jan 24 21:02:31 CST 2001


: From: Daniel J. Cody
: > 1)  sessions are carried between the sites
: advantage being that if you logged on to
: w.e.o then visited to b.e.o you would still
: be logged in. the question then becomes,
: why would you want to be logged in on b.e.o?
: what features does b.e.o have that would
: require one to be logged in?

well, how about maintaining the user's preferred styles?  a tool that would
allow aardvark to manage the listing of folders/browsers/executables/etc.
via an admin interface, which would require login of some fashion (might as
well do it via the existing login system.  can't do any of that without
maintaining the login.  it really goes beyond just what we can gain from it
now though.  it goes more towards what we can do with it in the future
should we need the functionality.

: > 3)  search engines could index the entire
: >     archive making it more visible to the
: >     rest of the internet.
: they already are indexing it.. how is merging
: it under the main site going to make it more
: visible?

some may be indexing it but we're not getting optimal placement in the
engines.  we need to make it easier.  again though, it goes beyond just the
direct benefits i can layout now.

for one thing, i think it's important that we try to maintain some
consistency between the various sub-sites.  thesite uses one url scheme.
browsers uses another.  lists another still.  that's f*cked.  if we're such
professionals and we're trying to set a good example then we should build
these things to a high level of consistency and integration.

: I totally believe that you could do it no
: problem, one thing about this all is though
: that it isn't really a priority like, say
: fixing the member features, stylesheets,
: etc are..

honestly, i completely disagree with you.  i think they're all a priority,
but not in the order that you've listed them.  member features isn't going
to be easy.  there's still alot of work that needs to be done on that to
make it a reality.  the editability of stylesheets is *way* off still.
allowing members to choose predefined themes is fairly easy to implement.
however, we don't even have the css worked out yet to move on that.

so, that takes me back to this.  i honestly don't mind the 30+ minutes out
of my time (provided i have some warning so i can plan for it) to make the
change which will garner benefits for us.

(ps, nothing personal.  today was just not the day to bring up the issue of
priorities and micro-managing certain aspects of projects.  i just got out
of a 5 hour meeting addressing these very issues and i happen to have had
about 8 or 9 hours worth of work that needed to get done during that 5
hours.  now i've gotta try to slip it in somewhere else, likely where sleep
would have normally been fit, so i can meet deadline)



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