[thesite] lists.evolt architecture

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Jan 25 00:55:31 CST 2001

> Personally, my vote would be to convert lists to the new look
> without re-architecting it at this point.

sounds good, if you mean where should programming time be allocated in the
near term

> ... or any other feature that might require the kind of
> architechture we have on w.e.o for l.e.o which is mostly a static site.

lists.evolt.org is static?

i must be suffering early onset of dementia

(no offence to the already demented on this list)

maybe it is, technically, right now, and i would agree it's not a top
priority to re-architect it, but in my mind (stop that snickering in the
back there) it is has to be dynamic because it has or should have a search
function that searches posts

and i thought the posts were (destined to be) in the database

that would make this, um, architecturally, the same as searching articles

or else i don't get it

and carrying on from a separate thread...

> if we're such professionals and we're trying to set a good example
> then we should build these things to a high level of consistency and
> integration.

+1 on the intent, but i think it will turn out that doing it consistently
is probably also the easiest, except for the small matter of timing the

admittedly i don't know any of the non-database backend stuff that runs the
lists themselves, maybe that's why dan was suggesting hold off on it

the lists.evolt.org site would have interfaces for users and admins...
wouldn't they be cold fusion pages too, i mean, you could reuse the same
application.cfm, login routines, sidebars, -- i can see it being identical
to the main site

conceptually anyway, only the content differs (posts versus articles) so
i'd do them architecturally the same...

am i making any sense at all?


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