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Thu Jan 25 16:34:34 CST 2001


: From: Daniel J. Cody
: even though this feature is 'way' off as
: you state below?

better to do everything you can to be prepared.

: > some may be indexing it but we're not getting
: > optimal placement in the engines.  we need to
: > make it easier.
: why not? i dont see how we're going to get better
: placement by re-rranging keywords in the URL.

believe me when i say that what goes in the url has the most weight as far
as the search engines are concerned.  if we can whittle the url down to just
the relevant parts, along with a properly formed url, we'll get higher
ratings in the search engines.  most don't give a shit about meta tags.
most don't give a shit about alt text or comments.  what they really look at
anymore is the title of the page and the url.

: Hey, I'm not trying to micro-manage here.  I'm just
: leary of moving all of our shit to a system that no
: one except you fully understand yet.  I mean, we
: worked on it together for like 4 days, and I barely
: know wtf is going on.

i can understand the uncertainty of moving to a system that you don't
completely understand.  let me reassure you that it will make more sense if
you have two sites to look at.  this is especially true with browsers cause
it's just one small group of templates that perform a very specific

: I also understnad you're busy, we all are..  All the
: more important to be able to distribute the workload
: between more people than just you..

i think you missed my point about the rant so i'll just come out and say it.
we had a meeting about efficiency and deadlines.  it was a complete waste of
time cause they're preaching to the choir.  i found the meeting to be
extremely inefficient, ironic since that was the very thing they were trying
to address.  the meeting did have some good points in that we all have a
better idea of where we're at with projects, especially management.

i'm all for distributing the workload - once we've got more of this thing in
place.  there are still some core elements that need to be addressed before
they can be explained to people that are unfamiliar with the way we do

: Not trying to be an asshole here towards you either,
: but you already knew that :)




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