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McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Fri Jan 26 17:40:32 CST 2001

>so, what came of the designers huddle about which style to use 
>on l.e.o?
>i'm antsy and motivated :)

There really hasn't been much of a huddle. Here's what we have so far:

David's attempts:


Martin's attempt:


And here's a summary and the prevailing opinions:

(Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong...this is from memory...)

isaac suggested a dark red background and grays for the content areas, as
trying to do it all in reds gives some pretty icky pinks.

I tried that, but Martin thought the main content area and headlines needed
more contrast and aardvark thought there should be *some* red in the content
area, so I made the SidebarBGcolor and PageTitle1 and PageTitle2 a dark red
(according to the style sheet, those three colors should be identical, and
they are on b.e.o. and w.e.o.).

aardvark thought it was okay (see 21 Jan 2001 at my link above), Martin
thought it still needed more contrast and provided his version above.

Last message from isaac was that the background needs to be darker and that
the SidebarBGcolor should be a dark silver. I assume that includes
PageTitle1 and PageTitle2.

Myself, I haven't touched with it in several days. I think the headlines are
too dark on Martin's and it deviates from the style sheet.

I don't know that we're ever going to get a concensus on this one, and
that's okay. I'd rather spend my time working on converting the rest of
l.e.o.'s pages to the new format. Somebody else can decide which style sheet
we're going to use.

Dan, if you're working on the HTML, feel free to use the stuff on my site
listed above. If you're not, let me know and I'll tackle it this weekend.


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