[thesite] l.e.o. -- two more ideas

Joshua OIson joshua at alphashop.net
Mon Jan 29 12:36:31 CST 2001

Sorta.  If Evolt is laid out in a manner constant with Jeff's methodology,
then the layout for evolt is driven by the app_design file.  It is possible,
therefore, to simply replace the app_design file and have an entirely new
layout of the site, without ever even touching the content.  Without
looking, I'd venture to guess this technique is how you make the "printable"
version, etc.

 It should be possible to add a url parameter, format=accessible, and have
the entire layout of the site switch to something that looks like your
"ideas page"--void of graphics save the image at the top left, a strict
enforcement of header/subheader levels, almost lack of tables.

The app_ file for each application, namely the application to read and write
articles, the application to browse browsers, the application to review
articles, etc, could all expect the same trigger and drastically "skin"
themselves to fit.  So, in essence, you are doing more than making css
sheets, you can offer more than one overall site design.

You had an idea for making a contest to redesign evolt.  You can then offer
the winning layout ideas as alternate skins, all toggleable through

If I completely misfired on how the underlying architecture is laid out, I
most humbly apologize.


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> Hi, Josh --
> There is a plan to create a few different style sheets for people to
> from in addition to the style sheet editor. None of them change the actual
> layout of the site, just the style sheet. We can certainly put a black on
> white design in there.
> Is that what you're talking about?
> David

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