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jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Tue Jan 30 14:19:35 CST 2001


: From: Daniel J. Cody
: hey, if anyone has some time, can you
: please check out
: http://lists.evolt.org/dan.cfm

hey, that looks pretty spiffy.

: its wrapped with a <pre> tag, i dunno if
: htats the best or not.

i might be inclined to put a blockquote around the actual tip to indent it
alittle and make the <tip> tags stand out a touch more.  then again, if
you're just pulling a flat file and that flat file has all the stuff in it,
then that'd be alittle more difficult.

: also added some breadcrumbs for the harvester
: (and will for hte archive when I do that), but
: just wanted to make sure that looked ok with
: david, aard, jeff, et al..

if you hadn't thought of it already, i would make the bread crumbs links to
the section they represent, instead of just text like they are now.

: jeff, i am writing it with the <cfexpression>
: and <cfinclude> deal thing that we started with
: w.e.o so we can port it over to another scheme
: when we're ready..

very cool.  thanks for doing that.

: of course, the way shit is now - all the
: <tips> on one page - will be different once
: we're pulling out of the DB instead of flat
: files.. but thats another issue :)

yes, truly another issue.

on a similar note, i'd like to look into making a couple of verity
collections that we can hook the search interface into instead of just
searching user, title, and synopsis on w.e.o.  the collections would be
articles, thelist, and tips.  they could search one, some, or all of the 3
collections and get results back in the same resultset.  i think it would
make the site hella more useful.  just some thoughts.



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