[thesite] new l.e.o look..

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 30 17:08:31 CST 2001

> From: McCreath_David <McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us>
> >hey, if anyone has some time, can you please check out
> >http://lists.evolt.org/dan.cfm
> got just a second...

me gots two...

> >its wrapped with a <pre> tag, i dunno if htats the best or not.
> It's forcing the table out beyond the blacktabnavbarthingie. Don't know if
> there's a way around that. Can you <pre> just the <tip></tip> tags and leave
> the body in default format?

yeah, it's a bitch on the layout... and the footer is oddly 
disconnected... while i like the idea of stuffing them into <textarea> 
for presentation, is that just too freaking mean on the user?

> >also added some breadcrumbs for the harvester(and will for hte archive 
> >when I do that), but just wanted to make sure that looked ok with david, 
> >aard, jeff, et al..
> Love the breadcrumb idea, but it should be smaller.

much much smaller, and not in the page title area, either... and 
they should (as i'm sure you know) be hyperlinks...

> Lookie here:
> http://home.gci.net/~mccreath/evolt/leo/harvester.html

huh? no breadcrumb... but the nav should use a pre-existing 
style...  like the 'content' class, or perhaps the class 'side'...

> How's about "tip harvester" the way I have it, then you put the breadcrumb
> trail below that in the <td> just below "harvester". Make sense? I can do it
> later, but not until this evening.

oh, yeah, now i see... yeah, that should work...

> You've also got a big gap between the content table and the footer. I figure
> you knew that, but just in case you didn't...


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