[thesite] comment woes

Erika Meyer meyer at up.edu
Wed Jan 31 18:13:50 CST 2001

Win IE5 tried to comment on Boo.com article.  The line breaks didn't come 
thru, so I tried to delete & copy it back in, putting in <p> tags.  When I 
hit delete, I got a CF error.  I hit back button, & comment was gone.

I tried to re-enter comments, but just before I was ready to hit "submit" 
my browser crashed.

I thought I still had my comment on my (local) clipboard... but I guess 
Windows don't work that way, because when I opened a new browser my 
clipboard text was gone gone gone.

But I notice: on the front there was a message saying there were 3 
comments... it seemed to still be counting the comment I'd deleted.


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