[thesite] aeo, voting app and Oracle

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Tue Jul 10 14:02:41 CDT 2001

no i didnt see this first time around, thanks matty..

its up and working now, i've added one voting question just to test and 
it looks ok. thanks a lot for changing the code for me, made it a lot 
easier :)

if anyone gets an error when they hit that page about session.userid, 
log out and log back in, i'm trying to pin down a bug with the session 
timing out.. lemme know how it works :)

thanks again matt


Warden, Matt wrote:

> Dan,
> Walker has been kind enough to port the DB scripts to Oracle and I've
> changed the code to use the sequences and have stored that in
> /home/mwarden/admin_html (it's only the voting files, not the entire
> admin_html). I notice the voting app is still not working and I was
> wondering if you saw the emails about this. If not, here's walker's script:

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