[thesite] evolt map

Elfur Logadottir elfur at members.evolt.org
Sat Jul 14 11:01:59 CDT 2001

From: "Joxn" <joxn at vernum.com>

| > http://members.evolt.org/mantruc/map/map2.html
| Again, I really like the general look of the map.
| I only heard rumours that you can connect Flash5 (4, too?) with a DB.
| Does anyone know for sure?

yes flash 5 can be connected to db ... we even have an article on the site
about it (well it talks about working with CF but hey ... isn't that even
better, then we can integrate it into the member profile files that are on
the table ...)


now if you really want to see this happening maybe you should call for
assistance on thelist ... and bring the people with knowledge with you on
thesite list and just whip it up ... or ... whatever :)

*the interfering one*

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