[thesite] evolt map

mantruc javier at msm.cl
Tue Jul 17 15:32:00 CDT 2001

Bruce Heerssen wrote:

>  From a Flash standpoint, this wouldn't be too hard. The hard part is
> getting the data in usable format, like longitude and latitude
> coordinates. Does anyone know of a way to find the lat&lon of any
> location in the world given a valid postal address? A cgi, or better
> yet, an online service would be ideal.
> Once that is known, it shouldn't be too hard to pass that info to flash.

Bruce, do you know well how to develop Flash with DB?
my flash knowledge is only the basics, but i do have the base files
already, so if you know how to do it i'll gladly help

i'm sill not sold out to the idea of doing this only in flash
what do the rest of you think is the bst way to go?

to get your coordinates
here's a bunch of URL, thanks to Dean

If you don't know your lat. and long. check out:

  GPS locations for airports: http://www.airnav.com/ 
  By zip code (US only): http://www.geocode.com/eagle.html-ssi 
  Canadian, US and some European maps: http://www.mapblast.com/myblast/ 
  Australian database: http://www.auslig.gov.au/mapping/names/names.htm 
  Canadian database: http://GeoNames.NRCan.gc.ca/ 
  Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names:
  Get your coordinates and horoscope too:


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