[thesite] Print version of evolt.org articles

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Jul 18 19:32:04 CDT 2001

Ouch ... now how many articles with <pre> in them are incorrectly being
displayed for the print versions??


I was not aware of this.  All those articles we went through and fixed up,
were not checked for this.  What a job that'll be to fix.  Is there anything
you (anyone) can do code-wise to search and replace this?  I really do not
want to go through all the articles again.  Geeze, there are still a couple
small (insignificant) categories that aren't done the first round of

Exactly what characters within <pre> need to be escaped?  Are there others
besides the < and > ?

This needs to be highlighted on Admin for ALL article reviewers/approvers to
be made aware of.


| >the only reason your article is wacked is cause you didn't properly
| >all the character entities yourself.

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