[thesite] [a.e.o.] Jobs

Daniel J. Cody djc at starkmedia.com
Thu Jul 19 10:29:16 CDT 2001

Michele Foster wrote:

> (1)  Due dates, can they be assigned per task, or should we just enter a new
> "job" for each unique due date?  i.e.  feo design due (random dates here)
> July 25, feo production due July 31, feo testing due August 5, etc.

due dates are on a per job basis, so ya, enter a new job if you want 
differentpeople to have different dates.. or just set the date out far 
enough for both people to finish up.. the other way to do it is put 
'notes' in each persons task with a reminder of a due date or something..

> (2)  The search screen for jobs, can you sort that by job number?  It would
> be a lot easier to scan jobs when they are lumped together.

i'll make a note of that :)

> (3)  Why do we have a couple of jobs with "-a" assigned to the end of the
> number?  In the case of 13, the 13-a job doesn't even relate.

yaaaa.. putting a letter on something is like a tangent for a job. it 
still 'somewhat' relates to the original job, but its just another 

> (4)  What category should I put database guru under?  (Programming,
> Consulting)  And, testing/debugging put that under Production?   (going for
> consistency here)

ahh, do you just want a new category?

> btw, I deleted a few of the test/garbage jobs I had in there, in case you
> are wondering where the id's went.

OK :)

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