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Dean Mah dsmah at home.com
Thu Jul 19 13:08:21 CDT 2001

Actually, I wrote too soon.  Brain-damaged regexp resulted in those
three only.  The complete list of articles is below.

ID: 128, Name: Top Ten SQL
ID: 143, Name: Defeating the Third Voice Plug-in
ID: 163, Name: Detecting FLASH4 compatibility
ID: 174, Name: Introduction to Java Servlets.
ID: 226, Name: A Cheesy .htaccess Tutorial
ID: 253, Name: Give the User Control Over Your Fonts.
ID: 314, Name: Multidimensional Arrays In Perl and JavaScript
ID: 343, Name: All-In-One Simple Rollover JavaScript
ID: 416, Name: Let the User Skip the Splash Page
ID: 426, Name: Python, your journey starts here
ID: 427, Name: test python revision, approve nothing
ID: 447, Name: JavaScript Naming No-No
ID: 501, Name: Oracle iDevelop '99
ID: 559, Name: Searching with Sherlock Part2: Producing a Plugin
ID: 567, Name: A Javascript image viewer
ID: 578, Name: NT Alerts Delivered to Your Mailbox
ID: 590, Name: Easy Perl Persistence Faker
ID: 617, Name: Perl Shell Program for whois
ID: 639, Name: javascript powered galleries
ID: 653, Name: Dirty Shell Scripts Part 1: Virtual Hosting
ID: 669, Name: Dirty Shell Scripts Part 2: DNS Updates
ID: 702, Name: What comes Round goes Round
ID: 704, Name: Code Encapsulation - Your Stress-Free Future
ID: 734, Name: Write Once ! (almost) : with PHP
ID: 758, Name: Quick and Dirty Record Sorting in Perl
ID: 786, Name: Write Once - class layout, the HTML heresy
ID: 1324, Name: Creating Dynamic Select Boxes
ID: 3644, Name: Unlocking MS Access MDB Files
ID: 4047, Name: Four ways to work with hierarchical data
ID: 4438, Name: Breadcrumbs for Those Using ASP
ID: 4455, Name: Breadcrumbs for PHP Lovers
ID: 5535, Name: Headlines in RSS and Perl
ID: 5768, Name: Tracking user choices with JavaScript
ID: 5776, Name: Third Column Slickness - Screen Size Customization
ID: 9155, Name: Integrating Flash & ColdFusion
ID: 9279, Name: A Simple Bulk Mailer with Cold Fusion
ID: 10199, Name: Writing Smart Web-based Forms
ID: 13138, Name: Enabling Virtual Hosts on MacOS X
ID: 13892, Name: Accessing and changing the filter object


Dean Mah writes:

> I found three articles that used unescaped <'s and >'s:
>    Top Ten SQL
>    Multidimensional Arrays In Perl and JavaScript
>    javascript powered galleries
> The first two look okay when viewing the printable version.  I can't
> locate the last article.
> Dean
> Warden, Matt writes:
> > Michele and I (and a few others, I think) went through most of our
> > articles doing various things. One thing we didn't do is look for
> > unexcaped <'s and >'s in <pre>s.

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