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Seth Bienek seth at sethbienek.com
Thu Jul 19 13:57:06 CDT 2001

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> and how would you suppose i wrap just the code examples with that when the
> entire article is stored as a single piece of data in the database?
> furthermore, how is that going to work with our textarea?
> i agree that it's quite a cool tag, but i just don't see how it could be
> implemented or what benefit it would have.

Aren't the code examples in <pre> tags now?

I guess the textareas are to help facilitate copying code to the clipboard; I can appreciate that.  I'm thinking the custom tag could be modified to exclude data within <pre> tags, and the rest of the article shouldn't be altered unless it has html code, in which case that would get color-coded.  Which causes a problem with embedded links, etc. in the articles.

Ok, the only actual use for the custom tag would be for coloring code examples NOT within <pre> tags, in which case someone would have to go through the articles and make those changes.  But it would be cool.  It would also be good to have available for new articles.  I think it would make code within articles much more readable. And stuff. 

Forgive me for thinking out loud. 

Implementing it would be easy.  You put in the style guide "encapsulate code examples in <cf_code> tags."

Anyways...  I'm just a backend guy... 


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