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Thu Jul 19 15:51:08 CDT 2001


: From: Seth Bienek
: > i agree that it's quite a cool tag, but i
: > just don't see how it could be implemented
: > or what benefit it would have.
: Aren't the code examples in <pre> tags now?

yes, within a much larger string of data in the database.

: I guess the textareas are to help facilitate
: copying code to the clipboard; I can appreciate
: that.

that's part of it.  the other part is to keep long lines in a <pre> block
from pushing out the content area.

: I'm thinking the custom tag could be modified to
: exclude data within <pre> tags, and the rest of
: the article shouldn't be altered unless it has
: html code, in which case that would get color-coded.
:  Which causes a problem with embedded links, etc. in
: the articles.

and a number of other things as well.  articles generally contain tags like
<p>, <b>, <strong>, <em>, <i>, <a>, <img>, <code>, etc.  we want to the
browser to execute those tags, not render them.

: Ok, the only actual use for the custom tag would
: be for coloring code examples NOT within <pre>
: tags, in which case someone would have to go through
: the articles and make those changes.  But it
: would be cool.

and those code blocks that aren't within <pre> tags are within <code> tags
and generally very short.  as they're being styled already, i fail to see
the benefit of color coding them as well.

: It would also be good to have available for new
: articles.

if we're displaying new articles in the same way as existing articles, how
will it help to make it available for new articles?

: I think it would make code within articles
: much more readable. And stuff.

yes, quite possibly.  however, what would you do to address long lines that
break the design?

maybe a use of it would be to allow the user to view the contents of a
textarea in a popup window with color coding.  that would certainly be a
good use of this tag.

: Forgive me for thinking out loud.

thinking out loud isn't a problem.  it's good to discuss ideas, the impact
they'll have on the current system, and how they'll help us achieve our

: Implementing it would be easy.  You put in the
: style guide "encapsulate code examples in
: <cf_code> tags."

how is that going to work if the data is stored in the database?  you can't
execute coldfusion tags from database data.

: Anyways...  I'm just a backend guy...

me too.


jeff at members.evolt.org

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