[thesite] Print version of evolt.org articles

Dean Mah dsmah at home.com
Thu Jul 19 16:25:02 CDT 2001

You missed one (the parser is unforgiving).  From a view source:

'## separate them with >> symbols
        IF strTmpPath = "" THEN
                response.write "<a href=""/"" style=""text-decoration:none"">Home Page</a>"

I only check for the existence of an unescaped > or <.  I don't check
to see if it looks like a tag which is what seems to mess up the
printable version.


aardvark writes:

> ok, this kinda makes me wonder if all this goes *way* back to 
> when there was a period of time when submitting, editing, and re-
> submitting resulted in your escaped characters getting converted to 
> the real character....
> cuz i *know* i escaped those little fuckers...

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